Take a deep breath …


Well, here they are. The before and after pictures (please excuse the hairy back).

After much discussion and waffling, the big event occurred just minutes ago. The hair is gone (sort of – I kept the pony tail!), and I feel great. It was quick and easy, and yes I like it.

Harriet is still adapting to the new look. She says she likes it, but is trying to get used to this new guy in the house. The dogs (bless ’em) don’t notice a thing. I still have hands to pet and feed them.

I wish I had something more clever and profound to say about all this, but I don’t. So, I’ll keep this short and just show you the documentation to prove it (I’m not that good with photoshop).

img_4764-1.JPG img_4776-1.JPG

18 thoughts on “Take a deep breath …

  1. You have a holy man sort of appearance now. “Very nice, very sharp,” Sylvia’s voice just echoed. Bob’s comment is “It’s about time. Now Harriet, cut yours!” Oh Bob, she can’t. She’s fighting the clock, remember? But yeah, Alan, it suits you. Hard to believe that you’re, well, not actually that holy.

  2. My mouth has officially been hanging open for a full minute…

    No really it has.

    WHOA, you look great Uncle Alan! Really different, but I like it 😀 Congrats and I can’t wait to see you in person now, heehee.

  3. PPS. Elle’s screaming NOOOOO

    PPPS. Mom thinks you look good! “Very handsome”

    PPPPS. Now I can’t stop laughing

  4. I don’t know why but after seeing this My stomach began to roll…. OK now I need thearapy…… the flashback to childhood ooooohhhhhh!

    Good luck with it


  5. Holy Crap Batman!!!!!!! when did this happen????? you look good =]] holy smokes though! such a big change! I can’t wait to see it in person!!! =]]] how many inches were cut off???? Dang, this is crazy!!!! awesome!!!! woot woot!! =]
    ps. I love you nd hope to see you guys soon =]

  6. Oh my! This brought out a few lurkers!
    Wait until I get the new shades – I tried on a friend’s pair and ouch! Looks REALLY different.

    Marla, let Perri know that he was an inspiration!

    Thanks and love to everyone!

  7. I think the new look is, well, inspiring, refreshing. Maybe we’ll try this on the dog. So for Chanukah now we’re supposed to buy you… hats? Jory has about 5000 Sharks hats. I’m sure he’ll lend you one. So uh… where is the ponytail? You’re keeping it in some place so you can start dropping strands with Bob E’s ashes? Now this might be getting creepy. Are you going to wash and comb it or display it? Where exactly does one keep an old ponytail?

  8. New body, new hair (or lack of) and now maybe even new glasses? Are you getting ready to launch some kind of takeover of a poor, struggling start-up that’s only worth $9 billion? Harriet! Amend the tax return. The haircut is deductible if it’s a job necessity.

  9. Definitely a cleaner, more handsome look, but then you’ll go to wash it, and it’s gone! And then you’ll miss it..

    Though, a 15-minute haircut could save you 15% or more on shampoo expenses.

  10. Alan,

    As I told Marla, you now look like a European film director – they have more fun than the holy men! Wine, Wife and Song – Bravo

    Lasci la pellicola cominciare!

    Alan is playing with sharp instruments again!!!!!!!

    Before I started to type this, my hand stayed over my mouth in an “oh…. my…… F-ing GXX ” moment for quite some time.
    But heah-it looks pretty good! hmm-looks like someone we know????-you are definitely not adopted!
    love you!

  12. WOW ALAN!!!
    Your are actually QUITE HANDSOME!!!
    I am sure it took some courage That’s awesome!

  13. I have to say that I have seen Alan in person and the new look is fabulous – especially with those shades! Holy man, no. European film director definitely closer. I think he looks either French or Italian. Can’t say for sure until we’ve seen him on the streets of Paris and Rome.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What have you done with my son.????????????
    But,But,But, you didn’t ask my permission!!!!!!!
    It does look terrific though. Watch out for sunburn for a while. I’ll show you my cut off braid if you show me yours. Hunk of the month club here you come now. We’ll get used to it, I think. All well here. Take care,
    Love, Mom

  15. Just to let ya know Uncle Alan, the insane dude who made the comment about missing your hair when you go to wash it (aka Glen) is a neighbor and friend of mine. He has long hair and I relished the chance to watch his mind be blown at the sight of your before and after pictures, bwahaha.

    Sadly there were no explosions next door. Drat.

    So yeah, no crazy stalkers. Just a crazy neighbor… at least I don’t THINK he’s a stalker : O ((He comments that “of course he is” but I think he’s just kidding…. or at least I hope he is ;D))

    Love the new look Uncle Alan. Post some sunglasses pics!!

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