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Jesusita Fire

Howdy Folks,

Here’s an update on the fire in Santa Barbara. We are currently safe and not in the evacuation area. So far, the fire is north of us on the other side of the freeway. The fire has been spreading out east and west.

The fire has been named the Jesusita Fire (named for a trail near its origin). It’s over 2700 acres, over 75 homes confirmed destroyed (we know there’s a lot more). 5000 homes in the evacuation area, 12000 people affected.

Over 2300 firefighters. Lots of ash in the air. Here’s the map with evacuation areas marked:

I’ll be twittering status about our household if you want to follow @alanirwin

You can also follow the twitter topic #jesusitafire

The weather is just kicking our ass.

Love to all