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Gap Fire

gap-fire-map-7-3-08.JPGA quick update on the Gap Fire in Santa Barbara County and its impact on us. So far (11:00 pm on July 3) we are fine. As you can see on the map (the blue markers are area landmarks either in the fire or near the fires boundaries), we are out of the danger area. The fire has burned over 3 000 acres and threated over a 1 000 homes, but so far no structures have burned. We know folks who have been evacuated, and Diane and Laura’s home is just outside of the current Evacuation Warning area.

Power has been iffy, so I’m glad to get some time to update the blog. There is a lot of smoke, but the winds haven’t been too bad so far. The biggest problem we are having is getting current information. The latest we’ve heard is that we are now designated as the most important fire in California, and so more resources are coming in to fight the blaze. I imagine this is because so many homes are threatened.

I’m going to keep this brief since the situation is changing so rapidly. Again, Harriet and I are safe, and we are keeping an eye on Diane and Laura’s home in case they are designated as an evacuation area.