Obama at Comic-Con

Okay, the coolness factor at Comic-Con just went up a notch. It turns out that the Obama campaign is exploring the idea of having their candidate show up at Comic-Con. There isn’t a lot of information beyond the fact that an exploratory call was made, but I can see how an appearance would appeal to the youth vote.

Or at least the geek vote.

And I bet that’s a much bigger demographic than most folk realize.


One thought on “Obama at Comic-Con

  1. So it’s official, my friends and I have decided that we have to find some way to get to Comic-Con this year. Why? 1. Obama is awesome and it would rock to see him and 2. Comics— duh.

    Perhaps we can convince our folks to let us come down there around then… we’ll try to work something out.

    [And also, because I’ve been trying to call you for ages and you won’t pick up your phone for some reason (I’d leave a message but I’m sick and barely have a voice as it is; all you’d probably hear is a bunch of coughing, wheezing, and muttering)— my SAT results came in: I got a 2020.]

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