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This year (2011): Nicaragua

Map of Nicaragua


It’s now official (meaning we have the tickets). We are going to Nicaragua for our annual trip.

We were having a hard time deciding on our destination this year. Nothing was really inspiring us. But our friend Sylvia (who’s half Nicaraguan) convinced us that the food, the scenery, and the people would make it the sort of place we love to visit.

In addition, we’ve decided to spend the first week taking Spanish lessons. We’ll find an immersion school where you spend half the day in class learning the language and the other half taking tours and trips around town just speaking Spanish. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do and the tourist town of Granada seems like a great place to do it.

Other than our flights and the Spanish course in Granada, we don’t have much else planned. Nicaragua has been experiencing some flooding and so we’ll make our plans based on what we find. We are particularly interested in visiting the Caribbean coast since our experience in Guatemala was short but very memorable (amazing food!).

Harriet will be taking over the blog during our travels, and I’ll be posting to Twitter and Facebook (@alanirwin). We’ll send out announcements to our email list. Let us know if you want on or off of that list.

Not much time left, so back to packing!