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Southern California Fires Oct. 22, 2007

fires_102207.JPGThis is a satellite image of the fire areas taken on Tuesday, October 22. I’ve pointed out the location of Santa Barbara to assure our friends that we, personally, are not in any danger. There are fires in Santa Barbara County (which is why the national media keeps mentioning Santa Barbara), but the real impact is south of us.

As of now, over half a million people have been evacuated from their homes. Our thoughts are with our friends and family members who are impacted by these fires. Harriet and I will continue following the progress of the (amazing) emergency response teams as they fight the fires.

Gautemala Bound

world-guatemala.JPGThe decision has been made and the tickets have been bought. This year, Harriet and I are headed to Guatemala for our annual November vacation. Based on our minimal investigations, Guatemala meets all of our criteria: good food, lots of color, cultural sites, and inexpensive.

It will be one of our least grueling travel experiences, at least in terms of getting to our destination. A five hour flight and only a one hour time difference

guatemala2.JPGWe’ll be flying out of L.A. on Sunday, October 28th and traveling directly to Guatemala City. From there, we’ll take a 45 minute bus ride to Antigua where we will start our adventures. After that – well if you know us you know we have very little planned. You’ll see where we’ve been shortly after we surprise ourselves.

We do know we’ll be coming back on Tuesday, November 2oth – in plenty of time for Thanksgiving. And we have a house sitter taking care of everything (the dogs!) while we are gone.

We’ll be posting our travel updates to this blog as we did for the Malaysia trip. Soon we’ll be sending out an email to confirm the addresses we have for folks and whether or not you’d like to get email notices of our updates. Remember, Harriet typically writes the text – so your won’t get a lot of “engineer grammar”. I’ll just step in with facts and figures (like this post).

That’s our update and we look forward to staying in touch with everyone during out trip (these internets are cool tubes!)

I’ve Reached My Goal

FitnessAfter several years of losing weight the old fashion way (diet and exercise), this month I reached my goal. I’m somewhere between embarrassed and proud of this “after” picture taken for my testimonial. I don’t think that my self image is still stuck on “jolly fat guy”, but this picture of “fit Alan” still looks like a photoshop project to me.

Yeah, yeah – I worked hard, changed my lifestyle, altered my diet, and work out regularly (under the supervision of Mikki Reilly, the best trainer ever) (and Kalia, my trainer can take your trainer), but I was still stunned when Mikki showed me the results of my body fat measurement – 10.2%. Whoa! That puts me in the “athletic” range. Quite a change from the “morbidly obese” category I started at 6 years ago.

Anyway, that’s my infrequent update on my person fitness transform-ation. You can read my testimonial on Mikki’s website.