Monthly Archives: October 2009

This year: Egypt

Egypt MapThat’s right, this year we travel to the land of pyramids and camels. Egypt has been on our list of “must see” countries for quite awhile, but right now seems like a politically advantageous time to visit.

On the map, I’ve circled the areas we’ll be focusing on. Cairo has the cultural and  tourist sites such as the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and The Necropolis of Saqqara (okay, that one is a frakkin’ awesome name!). And we plan on taking a Nile cruise between Aswan and Luxor.

As usual, we don’t have a firm itinerary for Egypt and will be arranging our activities once we are in the country. We do, however, have our flights confirmed. We’ll be flying from Los Angeles to Cairo on Sunday, November 1, with a 9 hour layover in Amsterdam (oh yeah, cheese and chocolate, baby). We’ll be returning to Los Angeles from Cairo on Tuesday the 24th of November.

As usual, the blog will be filled with Harriet’s colorful commentary along side our photos (and she swears she’s going to finish the Easter Island entry from last year’s trip). However, acknowledging our temporal translation in that medium (i.e. lateness) I’ll be twittering our progress as often as I can get access to the net. So, for those who’ve been looking for a reason to justify checking out the (not so) cutting edge social media, you can follow our real time activities with @alanirwin

Now back to our panicked preparations.