Monthly Archives: September 2015

Speaker's Workshop

Strategically Speaking Workshop

On Friday, September 25, I’ll once again be part of a powerful workshop on upgrading your skills as a speaker. The lead presenter, Kymberlee Weil, does an amazing job focusing on the content and structure of your presentation, and I spend time working on the presentation itself, applying the concepts and lessons of improv when working with an audience.

Our previous workshop was a big success and all the attendees did very practical, hands on work building their talks and making presentations to an audience. I highly recommend it.

Check out more details at the workshop website.




Back online

Whew – things were dusty around here!

I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve updated around here. Image my surprise when I discovered the site was offline!

Well, that’s all been corrected, the software has been updated, and there are a few announcements I want to make, so watch for a few new blog entries.