Malaysia Bound!

Malaysia World
Well, we’ve finally selected the destination of our next trip: Malaysia. I’ve put up an image showing its location in the world, but it’s right in between Austrilia and China.

Currently, the plan is to be travelling during our usual timeline. That means flying out around Halloween and returning a couple of days before Thanksgiving. We haven’t set our flights yet. Hey, it’s us!

MalaysiaHere’s a closer view of Malaysia. The country has two parts. The western part is on the peninsula, south of Thailand and north of Singapore. The eastern part shares the island of Borneo with Indonesia and Brunei. We’re pretty interested in Borneo because it has a lot of wildlife (ex. the orangutan), some interesting sites (ex. the city of Kuching, also known as the ‘Cat City’), and the food sounds fantastic (again, it’s us!).

I’ll keep posting about our plans, and I hope to be posting here during the trip.

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