Fitness Transform

Okay, if you’ve known me for awhile and seen me lately, you know that I’ve lost a lot of weight and have been working out. At some point I’ll go into more details (okay, so far I’ve lost 76 pounds-but there are other changes as well!), however in this post I want to talk about my fitness trainer, Mikki Reilly.

I started losing weight with the Weight Watchers program, and it’s a great program that got me thinking about food and what I ate. But it was working with Mikki that really got me into my current shape: not just my weight, but also my strength (muscle increases metabolism), and cardiovascular capacity.

Her Fitness Transform website has a lot of information, but I really want to recommend a new article on interval training that she’s written. Interval training has been a big part of my work-out regime, so I’m a testament to its effectiveness.

You’ll also find a testamonial section that has a still somewhat embarrasing set of ‘before’ and ‘in process’ pictures of me along with my written testamonial. And yes, I need more sun!

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