Fun with Infrared

alan_soda2.gifI just came across this image which was taken quite some time ago (pre-2006). I was at work testing an infrared camera, and I captured this picture to see the camera’s responses to various temperatures. This wasn’t an official test, just an informal (and amusing) experiment. The camera isn’t in great focus, but come on, it’s a thermal image of me drinking from my infamous soda mug.

To interpret these sorts of thermal images, the dark parts are cold and the whiter parts are hot. The colder an object, the darker it appears. So, my balding head is hotter than my beard and glasses. Even better, you can see that the straw in my mouth is really cold because I’m sucking up some refreshing, ice cold diet coke.

Now some of you may be asking ‘What are you doing with an IR camera?’ At some future point, I’ll make a more complete post about the nature of my work – but for now I’ll just say that I develop test applications for the infrared industry.

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