Teenager Achieves Nuclear Fusion at Home

fusion-device.jpgOkay, what’s up with teens nowadays? Hot on the heels of the home spectrograph, I now find that another teen has been able to achieve nuclear fusion at his home. Using spare parts he bought from eBay, from hardware stores, and from just scrounging around he built his aparatus in his basement and actually achieved nuclear fusion. Nothing dangerous or commercially valuable, but quite an achievement.

Good lord, I was a smart kid but I was happy to read and tinker with some electronics. What are Jory and Monica going to come up with? And is Artemis going to transform time and space?

2 thoughts on “Teenager Achieves Nuclear Fusion at Home

  1. *shudder* Don’t give me nightmares. The thought of my brother being able to visit me tomorrow at the age of 20-something really creeps me out.

    It’s no joke though, the kids of today really are getting smarter than ever. At my school a senior aced the… ACT? I believe that was the test, he was supposedly 1 of 6 students in the nation to ace it anyway. And at least 3 of my friends are taking Calculus B/C + AP Statistics in the 10th grade. Of course I just toddle along writing about it all but hey, everyone’s got to have a job right?

    Awesome blog Uncle Alan, I’ll be sure to keep checking it out from now on 😉

  2. Thanks for checking in Geneva. I wondered how many of you are lurking out there. And as for your writing career – based on recent events I believe that (good!) writing/journalism is the really important work. Truth to power and all that.
    Uncle Alan

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