Happy (Belated) Birthday, Geneva

img_2842.jpgMy long suffering family is aware of – if not appreciative of – my failings as a timely birthday observer. This translates to the fact that I tend to forget people’s birthdays, and am lucky to send a belated something. In this case, I am only now getting to posting about my niece’s birthday from December.

Geneva just turned 16, and this first picture is from our recent visit. Geneva is one of my most talented nieces, being a wonderful artist and really good writer – as well as being smart, beautiful, and funny. Recently (at least from my perspective) she’s discovered journalism, and I had the privilege of reading some of her articles in the school paper. Look out Washington Post.

dcp_0328.JPGThis picture is from the Solstice parade of 2004, and she had just joined in behind the main parade along with her Aunt Harriet. Her sister Eloise and I were there, also. You can see the confetti is still in her hair. Everyone had a great time, and I think her enthusiasm was best expressed by all the ideas she had about the entries she’d like to create. I think coming to Santa Barbara before the parade would be just the ticket for turning some of those ideas into reality.

dcp_0061.JPGGoing further back in time (and she was a very cute kid), my favorite activity with my nieces are the surrey rides along the beach. I’m usually pretty worn out afterwards, because I think they enjoy it the most when they are the smallest. As they get older (and could be more help powering the darn thing) we don’t get out there are much. Aw well, as they get older there are other activities, and the memories are all good.

dcp_0074.JPGOkay, I’m sure this picture will just embarrass her, but I had to include it. Just look at the joy and abandon on that face. It’s one of my favorite pictures of Geneva, and its a part of what I love about having my nieces and nephews coming to visit.

Nowadays, Geneva runs track and field, so she can now add athletics to her list of accomplishments. Oh, and she’s part of the school debate team. I was looking forward to seeing a meet when we visited, but it got canceled, so I’m still looking forward to seeing her first competition.

dcp_0338.JPGAnd finally, a picture with her uncle and our (now deceased) dog, Gilda. Gilda was one of the dogs that showed her that not all dogs are scary.

Happy 16th Birthday, Geneva!

2 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday, Geneva

  1. Jeez, this feels so old now, haha. Two years do go by rather fast. Now I’m turning 18 in 4 days and next year I’ll be off to college. Look out world here I come!

    I miss you, will you be doing your usual visit in January? I really should just email you… hm. Perhaps I shall, after finishing this mountain of homework.

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake. Maybe I should learn to count first. 3 days, not 4. Wow. That’s vaguely daunting.

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