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Admit it. Some of you have seen an episode or two of “Survivor.” Maybe you even watched “Survivor – Borneo”, you know, a reality soap opera that takes place on some exotic, humid island where buff dudes and buxom babes annoy the heck out of each other and the viewer.

We decided we had to visit one of the islands of Borneo. There is indeed a tour to Palau Tiga (“Survivor Island”), but we opted for the closer Manukan instead.

Again, assuming some of you have seen the show, you know when Jeff Probst comes zooming in on some hot yacht and takes the winners of a “reward challenge” to some buccolic little island get-away? Well, we stayed at one of those places.

We took a speed boat (not as swanky as Jeff’s, but fast enough) to the island where we were greeted by a young woman who introduced herself as our personal butler. After lunch, she escorted us to our “room” so that she could explain a few things. Because Manukan is managed by the national parks service (like Kinabalu Park) we knew our room would be fine.

Oh yes. It was just fine. It was similar to our “cabin” at Kinabalu except that it was TWO STORIES (think condo/chalet) with two wrap-around, ocean view balconies, satellite TV (our first look at CNN and BBC World), a separate “sitting room” with armoire and dressing table (again with the Q-tips and make-up remover pads), and did we mention OCEAN VIEW? Our butler showed us around and then presented us with welcome drinks and cold towels from our refrigerator.

We finally dragged ourself out of this exhorbitantly-priced ($50) hovel to explore a bit of the island: almost NO people on one very long stretch of beach but a couple of 3-foot long monitor lizards to keep us company, crystal clear warm water that was perfect for snorkeling, psychadelic tropical fish swimming through coral reefs, clear blue skies, dramatic sunset. A perfect two days.

Next up: It’s a Jungle Out There: Orang Utans

3 thoughts on “Manukan

  1. Wow, even I could go to BORNEO with accomodations like this! $50? Sign me up NOW. (Can I fly first class, too…?)
    You comin’ home soon?
    :) Kalia

  2. Yeah, we can enthusiastically recommend this place to just about anyone. The flight is long, but once you’re there the low cost, great accomodations, and amazing food more than make up for it.

  3. hi guys…we in swk really welcome you to our beloved land of hornbills..we have lot to offer with low price…kuching is our capital and we are proud of what we have there…again, i would like to welcome you once again to our wonderful place, Kuching, sarawak.

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