Dinner with Steve and Krista

Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner. Harriet was highly motivated since we had two live crabs from the Santa Barbara Harbor and Seafood Festival, and she’d sat in on a cooking demonstration at the Santa Barbara Art Festival (both discussed in my last post). So, she made crab cakes.

I’m not a food blogger, so I won’t go into the recipe. But, I am someone who appreciates good food, and I have eaten a fair share of crab cakes. These were, without a doubt, the best crabcakes ever. And I mean they were GOOD! She says she wasn’t happy with the recipe she got from the demo, so she worked it over a bit. And, the crab was obviously very fresh. But all of us stopped after we took our first bites, looked down at the food, and just blurted out how good these were.

We also had a very good salad that was a good counter to the richness of the crab. I think we all ate three of the cakes, and then had to stop because the crab is so rich. Well, that and the fact that there weren’t any left. Restraint is easy when there’s no opportunity. I learned that one from dieting.

Just for completeness’ sake, I will say that we had a great time with Steve & Krista. We are very lucky to have such wonderful neighbors, whom we actually enjoy spending time with. I’d say more about them, but that’s really for Krista’s blog.

And besides, those crab cakes were damn good.

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