Studio 60 and Heroes

Okay, there are two new shows that I watch regularly, now. The first is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s on Monday nights, 10:00, on NBC. It’s Aaron Sorkin’s latest series. I loved Sports Night and West Wing for the same reason I’m loving this show. Brilliant writing with really smart characters. Matthew Perry (Friends), Bradley Witford (West Wing), and Amanda Peet (various movies) are the stars, but they’ve got a great supporting cast of characters, and they deal with interesting issues that come up when putting on a cutting edge comedy show for a national tv network. It’s really, really good. I’m laughing and teary eyed at the same time.

The other show I’m watching is Heroes. Also on NBC, also on Monday nights, but at 9:00. This show appeals to me because of its obvious superhero connections, but what’s interesting is how much Harriet likes the show. The characters are intersting, and the mystery surrounding them keeps us really focused. As long as they keep revealing more of the mystery fast enough, we’ll keep watching. But, I hope it doesn’t become like Lost for us. The first few shows of that series, we were completely hooked. But it was too S L O W, and when we missed a couple of shows due to travel, we didn’t go back. I hope Heroes keeps us more tightly engaged.

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