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This Year: Argentina and Chile

Travel 2008This year Harriet and I are taking our annual vacation in Argentina and Chile. The highlights are Easter Island, Patagonia, and Buenos Aires. You can see the map showing our current travel plans once we get into the region.

On Wednesday, Nov. 5 (hopefully after celebrating a wonderfully successful election) we’ll fly from LA to Buenos Aires via St. Luis and Miami (don’t ask). After a few days there, we’ll fly down to Ushuia, the southernmost city in the world. Then on to El Califate where we’ll explore one of the last advancing glaciers on the planet. Bariloche is next, on the Argentine side of the lakes district, which we understand is gorgeous. We’ll be traveling over land and lakes to Puerto Montt on the Chilean side of the region. After a few days soaking up the local sites, we fly to Santiago and then on the Easter Island. We expect 3 days of being amazed by those big noggins before heading back to Buenos Aires and our return to the US on Tues. Nov 25.

We’ll be updating this blog during the trip (with Harriet, the far better writer, at the keyboard), and sending out group emails notifying folks (hopefully you got an email telling you about this post).